Udo Roesner ‘Da Capo 75’ Acoustic Amplifier now available in the UK

Anyone in the premium acoustic world in the last couple of decades would have heard of Udo Roesner. One of the founders of AER, Udo was a constant presence at musical instrument events across the globe, working with countless top-drawer guitarists and assisting with their amplification needs.

In recent times, Udo teamed up with MARco-Labs in Germany and France to realise his new vision, the ‘Da Capo 75’, a true powerhouse of an acoustic amplifier featuring analogue preamps and a Class A/B analogue power amp delivering an extremely warm and punchy 75watts of power.

This 2-channel acoustic combo is equipped with a custom-made 8-inch, twin cone speaker, and features a 3 band EQ on each channel, plus 6 effects.

Udo’s goal with the ‘Da Capo 75’ was to design a compact amplifier with more low end and a more transparently mellow mid-range, when compared to other small-form acoustic amplifiers.
The internal power amplification section is analogue and has a more controlled compression circuit than competitor products, and these two features ensure a wonderful warmth of tone – and lack of brittle high-end – and contribute to Udo’s sonic vision for this new venture.

This new tonal signature has won support too, with Tommy Emmanuel, amongst other guitar virtuosi, choosing to use and recommend this very amplifier.

Beyond that which you would already expect, you’ll also find two, channel-independent DI outputs, two line outs – with different output levels, a 3.5mm Auxillary input, an FX send and return, a footswitch ring/tip control facility, phantom power control, a high-pass filter and a headphone output.

The Udo Amps ‘Da Capo 75’ is now available through select retailers in the UK and Ireland with a retail price of £949.

See more info about the Udo Roesner amp here https://www.bandm.co.uk/udo-roesner-dacapo-75-acoustic-amplifier.html and find UK retailers here https://www.bandm.co.uk/dealers.