Shubb introduce ‘Pāua Pearl’ Colour Shifting Guitar Capos for steel & nylon strung guitars

Based on Shubb’s flagship Capo Royale design, the new ‘Pāua Pearl’ SC1P and SC2P models, with a striking iridescent finish, share the same mode of colouration akin to abalone shells, a beautiful range of colours that change dramatically with the light.

Like all capos in this popular series, the Shubb ‘Pāua Pearl’ is also constructed from a durable titanium process, a lightweight, high strength alloy, so its colour-shifting beauty will last practically forever.

With a 2.25” width, the SC2P has been specifically designed for nylon strung classical guitars with flat fingerboards, whilst at 2” and curved, the SC1P will fit most electric and acoustic guitars.

Both Shubb ‘Pāua Pearl’ capos retain the important features that have made this classic compact capo, with its elegant and yet simple lever design, an industry standard amongst guitar players around the world, since the first Shubb CB1 launched back in 1980.

Features and new upgrades include a resilient, clear rubber sleeve that mimics finger pressure and texture that adapts to a range of string gauges, allowing all strings to sink into the sleeve with a patented closing action.

This allows an even downward pressure with over-centre locking, with a patented closing action that provides superior intonation, durability and warm tone. First position chords chime in any key on the fingerboard, with precise and accurate tuning every time without comprising tone or playability.

With its elegant and yet simple lever design, precision engineered adjustment screw to fit any neck and smooth action roller design, the new Shubb ‘Pāua Pearl’ is another, must-have accessory for every guitar player and, like the Pāua shell itself, patterns of colour occur randomly, so no two finishes are alike.

Shubb ‘Pāua Pearl’ Colour Shifting Guitar Capos for steel and nylon strung guitars are priced at £29.99 rrp each.

• Iridescent colour-shifting finish changes dramatically with the light
• Durable titanium finish lasts practically forever
• Over-centre locking creates perfect tension
• Roller wheel for smooth action and reduced wear
• Resilient clear rubber sleeve presses on strings like your fingertips.