New Modular Multiple RockStands® available from mid-May

From May 2020, all guitarists and bassists can experience the ingenuity of the brand new and ultimate Multiple RockStands®. These Multiple RockStands® fit almost any guitar or bass, are flexible, collapsable, stable and easy to transport. All Multiple RockStands® are black with anthracite softpads. However, the construction and expandability of the Multiple RockStands®, developed completely in Germany, are the real genius.


  • All RockStands® have a telescopic mechanism for added mobility
  • All stands for electric guitars can be flipped to fit V-style guitars
  • Roller sets with brakes or footrests (for extra long V-shape) also available separately
  • Tools for mounting and relocating the RockStand® or optional accessories are included
  • All stands for acoustic guitars have holders that can accommodate 2 electric guitars or basses each

The following Multiple RockStands® will be available from May 2020:

  • Modell 3E: Multiple stand for up to 3 electric guitars and/or basses
  • Modell 6E: Multiple stand for up to 6 electric guitars and/or basses
  • Modell 9E: Multiple stand for up to 9 electric guitars and/or basses
  • Modell 4A: Multiple stand for up to 4 acoustic guitars (also for electric guitars and/or basses)
  • Modell 2A3E: Multiple stand for up to 2 acoustic guitars and up to 3 electric guitars or basses

Build Your Own Multiple RockStand®

All of the multiple RockStands® listed above can be easily customized or expanded with separately available accessories. Personalized Multiple RockStands® for e.g. 3x acoustics + 1x electric, 4x electrics + 1x acoustic, 7x electrics + 1x acoustic or 5x electrics + 2x acoustics are easy to realize by yourself. All Multiple Rockstands® can be expanded or supplemented with optional accessories such as rollers with brakes, spacers, stand enhancers and RockStand® electric or acoustic guitar sets.

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