Framus/Warwick introduces fret gauge

Framus/Warwick has introduced the RockCare Fret Rock, a gauge for checking whether frets on an instrument are level. It is also, the maker says, a versatile measuring and set-up tool for a multitude of stringed instruments.

‘The simple 5-edge design allows the Fret Rocker to be used for checking frets on instruments from long scale electric basses to soprano ukuleles. Just put the precisely machined edges across three frets. If the Fret Rocker lies flat across all three frets, they are level. Should it wiggle (rock) over the middle fret, this indicates that said fret is to high In this way you can easily identify un-level frets that require further fretwork,’ the company says.

The Fret Rocker features measuring scales in inches as well as millimetres on its opposing sides, which can be used for checking and setting string action, neck relief, string spacing, as well as pickup and bridge saddle height.