CAD Audio Introduce New Microphone Kits & Accessories

With over 90 years of innovation and success in the audio industry CAD microphones can be found in restaurants, airports, churches, schools, corporate boardrooms, professional studios and live stage events around the world.

CAD Audio are also leaders within USB microphones and accessories specifically designed for studio recording, podcasts and broadcasts.

With its high-sensitivity condenser capsule parallel in relation to the body of the case, the new CAD GXL1800 side-address microphone, with a wide frequency range and excellent transient response, delivers a warm, delicate tone that’s perfect for broadcasting podcasts and recording music. Complete with a smart studio shock mount, tripod, XLR cable and windshield, the GXL1800 is ideally suited for vocals, acoustic instruments and distance miking. It’s well behaved cardioid polar pattern, also helps to eliminate off-axis environmental noise.

CAD also offer the GXL1800 microphone along with a CAD GXL800 small diaphragm condenser microphone in the CAD Studio Pack (GXL1800SP). The GLX800 microphone has an excellent transient response and truly accurate representation of voice or instrument. Tripod shock mount, windshields and XLR cables supplied.

CAD U29 USB Studio Microphone Kit

With its larger format design, the CAD U29 USB looks stunning and, with a true studio grade capsule, this side-address microphone incorporates up to date USB high fidelity technology for a first call performance, delivering a true and articulate audio reproduction. Accessories include tripod stand, mounting clip, USB cable and windshield.

CAD U49 USB Studio Microphone Kit

The U49 side-address studio mic delivers high fidelity performance and is equipped with a true studio grade capsule, headphone monitor, mic volume and echo signal processing to deliver smooth, articulate audio. Accessories include tripod stand, mounting clip, USB cable and windshield.

CAD Equitek E50 Studio Condenser Microphone Kit

The CAD Equitek E50 microphone incorporates a large 24k gold sputtered 34mm diaphragm. Gold is the least reactive of all metals in terms of corrosion and oxidisation, allowing the Equitek E50 to have a long conductive life, delivering excellent response with a superb true to life profile. With a striking design and highly effective studio-grade isolation shock mount, the Equitek E50, with its cardioid polar pattern, helps to eliminate off-axis noise. Includes windshield.

The new CAD Podmaster Microphone Kit with accessories, is available in three formats, the Podmaster Super D with XLR connection (PMSDM) , the D-USB (PMUSB) and the Super D-USB (PMSDU) both with world class USB circuitry.

This popular front-address microphone is perfect for podcast, Vlogging, home recording, online interviews, karaoke and video sound, delivering a detailed audio profile, while resisting room noise.

On-board controls for the Super D include, Volume and Mute and comes with a shock mount, while the D USB has Volume and Echo to add a warm ambience for vocal enhancement. There’s also a handy headphone socket for monitoring or private listening.

All three kits include broadcast style boom arm stand, mounting clip, cable and windscreen.

CADLive C92.

The CADLive C92 Cardioid Condenser handheld microphone features a TrueFlex™ Equitek diaphragm, engineered to create a hot and articulate live performance microphone, specifically designed for vocals.

Delivery and reproduction is smooth and transparent, with excellent tonal properties and superior noise handling suppression. The CADLive C92 is perfect for studio use or live stage performances.

Two new very handy additional accessories now added to the vast CAD Audio catalogue, include the PodMaster Boom Arm Mic Stand (PMB). Featuring a robust all-metal construction, the counterbalanced spring support mechanism ensures constant mic level positioning. Supplied with a C-clamp for easy mounting and 5/8” 27 stud adapter.

The Acousti-Shield AS34 has been developed as an effective accessory for the audio recording professional. The lightweight, robust metal diffusion shell, features 35mm high density micro-cell acoustic foam, with an uneven profile that dampens and absorbs sound wave reflections, ensuring a dry and balanced sound evenly across the whole frequency spectrum. Supplied with mounting hardware to adapt to most microphones – for easy, flexible placement.

Retail Pricing:

GXL1800 £44.99
GXL1800SP £79.99
U29 £32.99
U49 £44.99
E50 £169.00
PMUSB £79.99
PMSDM £89.99
PMSDU £119.00
C92 £119.00
PMB £21.99
AS34 £79.99

CAD Audio products are distributed exclusively in the UK and ROI by JHS.