Rodney Branigan live on ‘Whistling Bob TV’

Rodney Branigan, a master of guitar pyrotechnics and famous for his ability to play two acoustic guitars (well) at the same time, steps down to a more relaxed pace in new live acoustic version of his song ‘One Seed’, for the Under The Apple Tree sessions, featuring on WhisperingBobTV.

Curated by veteran broadcaster Bob Harris, Under The Apple Tree Sessions aims to bring sessions, festival coverage interviews and more to its channel.

Rodney is performing with Emma Butterworth a cellist, singer and composer based in Bristol and a recent recruit to Rodney’s new band, The Clever Kid Cartel. which will be touring extensively this summer.  Though classically trained, Emma is also immersed in the folk music of the British Isles. She first met Rodney when they were both performing at the Glastonbury Festival; where Rodney was hosting a Guitar Forum, Texan style.  It was there, after an impromptu jam and gig, that Rodney decided to add cello to his new band line-up.

Emma will be joining Rodney at the prestigious ‘Folk East Festival‘ at Glenham Hall, Suffolk on Fri 16th Aug.


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