Ovation Ultra 1516 – Acoustic Review

Here’s our latest review looking at an Ovation Ultra 1516 , featuring…

  • Solid A-grade spruce top with scalloped x bracing,
  • Two-piece Khaya neck,
  • Indian laurel fingerboard,
  • 641.35 mm scale length,
  • 42.8 mm nut,
  • OCP 2000 pickup,
  • K-21T preamp with tuner
  • Gig-Bag included.

Ovation says...”Between 1983 and 1994, the Ovation Ultra models were already produced as Cutaway and non-Cutaway versions in a wide variety of colors, finishes and bowl depths. The new edition of this model series is specially designed for singer-songwriters. Due to the Mid-Depth/Non-Cutaway Bowl, the guitar fits appropriately close to the body and therefore offers a comfortable playing feeling.

The newly designed K-21CT preamp delivers a clearly structured basic sound with defined mids and good string separation. The sound conception allows the guitar to excellently assert itself in the interplay with other instruments and to be easily distinguished in the overall sound image of a band.

The OCP-2000 pickup is another Ovation innovation that comes into use for the Ultra guitars; an improved piezo material formulation, more precise placement of the piezo elements, and a new material blend with increased glass content for the string support reduce wear, grant better vibration transmission to the piezo elements, and result in increased output.

As well as this, the pure acoustic sound of the Ultras is impressive. The A-grade spruce soundboards come from Germany and are thermo-treated, which simulates about 15 years in the change of seasons and creates a mature, balanced sound of a well-rehearsed soundboard. The UV-varnish that is used is extremely environmentally friendly as it contains almost no reducing agents and can be applied ultra-thin. A correspondingly thin layer of varnish slows down the vibration behavior of the soundboard significantly less, which in turn audibly benefits the sound.

All Ultra models come with a strong, design 20 mm thick padded soft case.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!

Ovation Ultra 1516: UK RRP: £723.00

More Info: https://www.ovationguitars.com/en

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