Admira 6 – Acoustic Review

When only a classical nylon strung guitar will do, where do you turn for impartial advice? Ben Morgan-Brown tries Admira’s A6

Admira A6

 Most guitarists either start with a classical, nylon strung guitar or at some stage in their playing career decide they want one. Though the instrument remains very popular, most of the reviewing media’s attention is on its steel strung sibling and it can be hard to decide where to start looking for a reliable buy – particularly in the difficult mid-market price range. Acoustic Reviewto the rescue!

Admira is a well respected classical guitar maker, its instruments widely available and still made in northern Spain where the company has been since it started in 1944. The construction of this style of guitar doesn’t really lend itself to mass production, so once you start talking about serious instruments for advancing players or guitars for players who are already playing high quality steel strung guitars and expect a good standard from any classical guitar they may buy, then the prices can be high. Admira, however, seems to have done a very good job with the A6, which struck Ben as a very reasonably priced instrument considering how well it was made and the material used.

The A6 features a solid cedar top with laminated rosewood back and sides, a mahogany and rosewood neck (properly joined to the body with a traditional Spanish heel) and a mahogany fingerboard. Ben was impressed with the build quality, particularly bearing in mind the reasonable price for what is, in effect, a largely handmade guitar. The guitar plays well, too, even the wider neck which characterises this style of instrument soon feeling familiar to players more used to modern acoustic instruments.

 Take a listen to Ben’s review of the Admira and hear for yourself how well it performs for what is, by the standards of a well made modern classical guitar, a very well priced instrument. Likely to satisfy the beginner ready to move to a more advanced instrument as well as the steel strung acoustic player looking for some of that Spanish guitar magic and inspiration, the A6 is definitely one for your audition list!

Admira A6 £430

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Size: 4 / 4

Top: Solid Cedar

Back: Rosewood

Sides: Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany & Rosewood

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Machine Head: Lyre Design Gold

Finish Type: Gloss