Washburn expands ‘Timeless’ UK recycled wood range

Washburn is expanding its unique ‘Timeless Collection’ of instruments manufactured with tops from 140 year old wood reclaimed from various locations in the UK.

The new instruments include all-solid bodied mandolins and one parlour guitar with European fir tops sourced, Washburn says, from: ‘European Fir beams pulled from bridges, pubs and barns throughout the United Kingdom. The warm and rich tone produced by this natural ageing process falls between redwood and spruce, providing a unique blend of clarity, volume and complexity’.

The new Timeless Parlor Guitar (Model TCP130SWK-LTD), Timeless Celtic Mandolin (Model TCMC43SWK-LTD), Timeless A-Style Mandolin (Model TCMA43SWK-LTD) and Timeless F-Style Mandolin (Model TCMF43SWK-LTD) all feature a Mother-of-Pearl “Clou De Lys” overlay headstock, ‘…that commemorates the specialness of the wood’. Each instrument comes with a hard shell case that includes an acrylic-encased cut steel nail that was pulled from the reclaimed wood. ‘The inclusion of the cut steel nail authenticates the age of the wood featured in the model as cut steel nails fell out of use after 1880,’ Washburn adds.

Info: www.washburn.com