Vintage launch Paul Brett Statesboro’ ‘Whisky Sour’

John Hornby Skewes, distributors of the Vintage Guitars brand, have announced the launch of the Paul Brett Statesboro’ ‘Whisky Sour’ series acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.

There’s an aura of 1930’s blues about the new Vintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour Series of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, designed by English guitarist and blues historian Paul Brett.

Harken back to the Great Depression era in the USA, when so many classic songs were written about money problems and job losses, on what in reality, were just functional guitars amiss of luxurious appointments like exotic tonewoods, bindings or elaborate inlays.

The new Vintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, (available in dreadnought, concert and parlour body sizes) all share the same ‘bluesman on a budget’ theme, looking authentically cool in a satin matt, Whisky Sour finish highlighting the natural grain pattern of the all-mahogany construction and subtle soundhole rosette.

Like all Statesboro’ acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, the parlour model alone has a big sound and is perfect as a travel companion, while both dreadnought and concert models are also available as electro-acoustic guitars with single cutaway bodies and an additional Vintage preamp with controls for volume, bass, middle and treble, phase switch, tuner display and low battery indicator.

All Vintage Statesboro’ acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars have smooth operative chrome, die-cast tuners, ABS saddles and tech wood bridges for accurate and stable tuning.

Vintage Statesboro Whisky Sour Series Acoustic-Electro Acoustic Guitars.

Vintage Statesboro Series – Orchestra Whisky Sour £99.99
Vintage Statesboro Series- Dreadnought Whisky Sour £99.99
Vintage Statesboro Series – Parlour Whisky Sour £99.99
Vintage Statesboro Series – Orchestra Electro Whisky Sour £139.00
Vintage Statesboro Series – Dreadnought Electro Whisky Sour £139.00