Vintage® Add New 12 String & Left Hander To Paul Brett Statesboro Signature Series

Vintage® have added a new 12 string and left hander to their best-selling, Paul Brett Statesboro’ Signature Series of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, which proved to be the company’s best-selling line during the height of the lockdown period.

The last few months during isolation have been a challenging time to say the least. With time on their hands, thousands of people have taken the opportunity to learn an instrument, and for acoustic players alone, the Paul Brett Signature Statesboro Series, has proven to be a number one choice and a best-seller for Vintage around the world.

LV660WK Left Hand Statesboro’ Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

Like all 6 string models in the Statesboro series the theme for the new 12 string electro-acoustic dreadnought, designed by English classic rock guitarist and blues historian Paul Brett…is 1930’s blues.

Looking authentically cool in a satin matt Whisky Sour finish, highlighting the natural grain pattern of the hand picked, all-mahogany construction and subtle soundhole rosette, the Statesboro’ 12-string is not merely an emotionally inspiring thrill for blues players.

There’s also a modern approach within playability that students, amateur and professional players of all styles will appreciate, while the stunning visual concept is matched with a distinctive, crisp, resonant 12 string quality that yields a full rich tone, with noticeable clarity and defined note separation.

VE440WK-12 12-string Statesboro’ Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar

This delightful 12 string Vintage Statesboro’ electro-acoustic, features the company’s in-house designed preamp with controls for volume, bass, middle, treble, phase switch, tuner display and low battery indicator.

The extremely popular ‘Orchestra’ shaped electro-acoustic VE660 Statesboro’ also gets a welcome left hand acoustic version so everyone is now catered for.

All Vintage® Statesboro acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars feature vastly improved performance and qualities than the instruments they are modelled on, these include smooth operative chrome, die-cast tuners, ABS compensating saddles and tech wood bridges for accurate and stable tuning.

After a hard day chopping logs and making hay, there’s no better way to relax, sat in the rocking chair on the porch…with a Vintage Statesboro’ guitar.

Vintage VE440WK-12                                                                                                        12-string Statesboro’ Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar. £179.99 rrp.

Vintage LV660WK
Left Hand Statesboro’ Orchestra Acoustic Guitar. £109 rrp.

Vintage Guitars are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS.