Taylor Creates Custom Guitars for “The Last of Us Part II” Game Release

Following the highly anticipated release of The Last Of Us Part II from designers Naughty Dog for the Playstation 4, Taylor Guitars have come up with two new guitar innovations to target millions of gamers. The previous release of the game sold 20 million copies.

Ellie, the lead character and the plucky heroine survivor, who makes her way through a post-apocalyptic world, plays an acoustic guitar in the game.

Taylor Guitars, in partnership with Naughty Dog and Sony, has recreated the in-game guitar in real life and Sony will be selling it as a 314ce LTD edition ($2,299) through their eCommerce website. They will also be selling a black GS Mini Mahogany LTD ($699) with game graphics, including Ellie’s fern & moth tattoo, which is a popular design among fans of the game.

Left: 314ce LTD edition ($2,299) Right: GS Mini Mahogany LTD ($699)