Shubb introduce the new ‘Capo Royale’ Series

In two stunning Gold and Rose Gold finishes, the new Shubb ‘Capo Royale’ Series, features models for steel, classical nylon strung, electric (guitars with a 7.25 neck radius), 12 string guitars and banjos, is another addition to the company’s line of premium guitar capos. 

For many years, Shubb have been asked by musicians for a gold-plated capo. Whilst this precious metal finish looks beautiful, it’s a known fact that gold-plating is thin and prone to wear and tear. 

Always anxious to please, Shubb’s R&D team have researched a high-tech finishing process that utilises titanium to produce a coating that has all the beauty of gold, but is as durable as any metal finish, and will shine like gold for many years.  

All five new models retain the important features that have made this classic compact capo, with its elegant and yet simple lever design, an industry standard amongst guitar players around the world, since the first Shubb CB1 launched back in 1980.  

Unique features that include, the ability to minimise the need for retuning, with a custom soft, rubber sleeve, allowing the strings to sink into the material with a patented closing action. With a one-time adjustment that provides the exact pressure every time, a uniform tension keeps the strings centred without any sideways pull. First position chords chime in any key on the fingerboard, with precise and accurate tuning every time without comprising tone or playability.  

All models in the new Shubb ‘Capo Royale’ Series embrace the original locking pressure-screw concept, offering full adjustability when switching between guitars with different sized necks, allowing control over how the capo fits on a variety of neck profiles. 

It would seem Rick Shubb got it right first time around and now, constructed from titanium which, in itself, is resistant to corrosion, is as strong as high-strength steel and yet 40% lighter, the new ‘Capo Royale’ Series with these beautiful Gold and Rose Gold finishes, have a distinct and visual panache, adding more than a touch of class to any guitar. 

The Shubb ‘Capo Royale’ will be available early August in both Gold and Rose Gold finishes.  
Price: All Models £34.99 rrp