Rare acoustic guitars for auction this week

Specialist auction house Gardiner Houlgate from Corsham, Wilts, is staging one of its most exciting vintage guitar auctions yet, on 12th and 13th December, led by 24 guitars from the collection of veteran Searchers’ bassist Frank Allen.

Though most of the two day event will focus on electric guitars, basses amps and effects (with some impressive items for sale) the Allen collection will appeal to many acoustic players at is includes vintage archtops, primarily from well known makers including Hofner and Framus.

Harmony Sovereign

Beyond the Frank Allen collection, acoustic guitars in the auction will include models from Martin, Taylor, Epiphone, Gibson and Crafter and sought-after vintage models including a 1960s Harmony Sovereign, an undated Clifford Essex tenor guitar, a 1930s (Gibson) Kalamazoo and 1930s and 1950s Emile Grimshaws.

The auction catalogue is available to view online now.

Info: www.guitar-auctions.co.uk