Radial debuts Tonebone AC-Drive

Radial Engineering has announced the launch of its new AC-Driver, a compact acoustic instrument pre-amp designed for use on stage.

Radial’s Class-A buffer circuit ensures pristine audio quality, the maker says, and allows users to connect to longer cables or pedal chains without signal loss or degradation. A ¼” amp output provides a way to monitor onstage, as well as providing a balanced line to feed the PA system or a powered speaker for the audience. For players who need to tune silently or switch between instruments without causing clicking or popping, the AC-Driver lets them simply hit the mute footswitch to silence everything but the tuner output on the AC-Driver. ‘This makes the AC-Driver perfect for live performances, especially if you don’t have a dedicated sound engineer and need to switch instruments or tune silently on stage, or for shows where you want more control over your sound than a typical DI box might provide,’ Radial says.

The AC-Driver also includes an adjustable low cut filter to remove excessive low frequency content, along with powerful feedback-reducing features. A 180° phase adjustment switch allows the user to correct feedback build-up from hot spots on stage, while a notch filter helps target and remove specific frequencies that are causing problems. The AC-Driver is powered using 9V adapters or multi-pedal power bricks, and its 14-gauge steel chassis and military grade circuit board should ensure that it will endure the most punishing touring environments.

Info: www.tonebone.com