Ovation retools ‘for the future’ – but Hartford’s future uncertain

DW Drums, owner of the Ovation guitar brand, has announced that it is ceasing US production so that it can retool and ‘modernise production’.

In a statement, Ovation says much of its comprehensive strategy is to focus on a review of existing models and price points with the long term goal of laying groundwork: ‘…for a future that offers diehard Ovation fans a value proposition consistent with past models, while delivering stand-out instruments to a new generation of guitar enthusiasts’.

As part of the programme, the New Hartford, Connecticut plant that has been the home to Ovation production for many years (and has also seem production of other brands such as Hamer, in the past) is currently not producing guitars. As Ovation’s statement neglected to say when, or even if, Hartford production would recommence, we asked about plans for the historic facility but a DW spokesman told us: ‘DW are still evaluating options so are unable at this time to give you a definitive answer to your question,’  which suggests DW is still to decide where it will be producing U.S. made Ovations in the future. Apparently, existing U.S. inventory will continue to be sold during the transition process.

Drum Workshop President and C.E.O., Chris Lombardi said: ‘We really want these guitars to be embraced by a new audience, while in keeping with what Ovation means to so many people around the world. We hear from guitarists that tell us Ovation was their first guitar and they still play it today.  That means it made a substantial impact on the industry and we want to keep that feeling alive. It’s what makes Ovation so special.’

Info: www.ovationguitars.com