McIlroy cleberates 18 years with ‘La Guitarre Noire’

One of the Ireland’s finest guitar makers (and that’s saying a lot) Dermot McIlroy has celebrated his 18th anniversary in business on his own account by producing what he has called ‘La Guitarre Noire’. And it’s quite something.

‘On the 6th March 2018, our 18th anniversary, we began work on La guitare noire, a guitar made with East Indian ebony and Oregon redwood. To give the guitar it’s dark moody look, we gave it ebony body and neck bindings, with ebony faceplate and backplate, an ebony, rosewood and Paua rosette, and to complement all those factors, we used black Gotoh 510 machines and black horn nut and saddle. Hence the term “La guitare noire”‘.

McIlory started on his own in 2000, having previously been prodution manager for George Lowden. Since then he has built a formidable reputation as a guitar maker in his own right.

The serial number is 1150 (guitars built since 2000) and the model number is A58 custom. UK retail price would have been £4,800 if it had not been pre-sold – so there! No doubt Dermot could be persuaded to build something smiliar…