LR Baggs AcousticLive™ App and Voiceprint® DI Now Compatible with Apple Watch

Control the acoustic tone of your guitar from your wrist? LR Baggs made it happen. In yet another first, LR Baggs introduces Apple Watch integration with the AcousticLive™ app and Voiceprint® DI pedal for comprehensive and unprecedented stage control of your guitar right on your wrist. What was already an extremely user-friendly setup just got even easier, allowing guitarists to keep their phones in their pockets and avoid bending down to adjust their pedal in order to achieve impeccable tone control.

The new integration allows for all of the power of the iPhone application in a compact new design for the Apple Watch. Guitarists are able to easily make changes to their preset volume, anti-feedback blend, Voiceprint® blend, pedal bypass, and full parametric EQ by effortlessly scrolling through each screen. Players can select between 7 bands of EQ and adjust the frequency, level, and q, all with the Apple Watch Crown on the side of the device.

“We are so excited about the recent launch of the Voiceprint® technology and want to continue to improve upon what we believe is a revolutionary product,” shares LLoyd Baggs, President. “Our goal is to make performing with great tone as easy as possible for players; with the integration of the Apple Watch I believe that’s a great step toward doing that.”

Launched in January 2021, the Voiceprint® DI measures the acoustic response of a guitar by leveraging the processing power of your Apple device to accurately capture the guitar’s one-of-a-kind voice. Bringing the studio to your pocket, it ensures that players will no longer have to cut a prized guitar for a show or suffer with inadequate tone control.

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