Lakewood in Concert

German guitar builders Lakewood, have announced the release of a Concert body shape, a new smaller size guitar, complimenting their existing range. “After having experimented, discarded, changed and newly tested for a long time, we have developed this new shape and now proudly share this with”, states Lakewood.

As a first serial model, Lakewood have now taken the C-32 Edition 2019 into their model program, where it will be added to their Edition 2019 series. After first deliveries are made in Germany, with a lot of very positive feedback, it is very likely that the C-32 will get a steady spot in their model portfolio soon.

The C-shape and Guitar Designer models (our Customshop configuration tool) will soon be offered in the Concert body soon.

The Concert body is a little more than 30mm shorter than the Auditorium shape. Together with the neck and a scale length of 630mm it will have an overall length of just about 930mm, which takes the shape near a Parlour size guitar.

Lakewood conclude by saying “Don’t make the mistake to consider this guitar a travel guitar or “small alternative”. It is a full-value and fully featured guitar model with an impressing and rich sound. Small size – big sound you might say!”

All specific model details can be seen here