Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez joins GEWA Guitars

GEWA music has announced that it will cooperate exclusively with the renowned 115-year-old brand of the iconic classical instruments “Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez“. Manuel Rodríguez III. will take over the lead in GEWA Guitars for the development of Spanish guitars, carrying the brand “MR – Manuel Rodríguez“, respectively “Caballero by MR“. GEWA will be responsible for the production in its own factories and the worldwide distribution.

Manuel Rodríguez III. has an outstanding knowledge of designing Spanish guitars and great skills in the original Spanish guitar craftsmanship. Due to his talent and excellent connections, Manuel will be the worldwide “genuine brand ambassador“ of his instruments.

Founded in 1905 by Manuel Rodríguez Perez, the brand benefits from three generations of master luthiers and spans the entire range from beginner instruments to mid-level student guitars and up to professional classical guitars. Manufactured in Europe, and selected instruments in a small workshop in Spain, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez has been highly valued and recognized by classical guitar players all around the world for many years.

“For a couple of years, we have had thorough conversations with GEWA music about a close cooperation. GEWA music, one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories, equipped with its own sales and marketing organization, is one of the most experienced family-owned companies in our industry. Working together with GEWA music and their product experts gives me and “Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez” the chance to fully concentrate on the development of the instruments.

Manuel Rodríguez III. – President and brand owner of Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez

“We are extremely happy and proud to welcome Manuel and his legendary brand Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez in to our GEWA Guitars family of brands. Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is the second oldest guitar brand from Spain. Rich in history and sound is more than a simple slogan – it’s a fact. We truly believe that the new line of instruments, which was launched today at the first edition of the SOMM Dealer Days in Berlin, was inspired by more than 115 years of experience and demonstrates the capability of Manuel and our Team of GEWA Guitars product experts. Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez perfectly ties in with our GEWA Guitars family of brands with iconic brands like Ovation Guitars and Hannabach Strings. There’s a lot more to come within the next years and we couldn’t think of a better partner than Manuel“.

Hans-Peter Messner – CEO/President of GEWA music

About Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is a company that, despite its family origins, has reached almost every corner of the world. Founded 116 years ago in Cadiz, Spain, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is committed to the culture, spirit and essence of Spanish guitar making. Each of the luthiers who have joined Manuel Rodríguez Guitars in the last 100 years are dedicated to the original values of Manuel Rodríguez: rich in sound, history and beauty.

About GEWA music

Founded in 1925, GEWA music has become one of the important manufacturers and distributors of musical instruments. GEWA provides retailers and distributors in almost all categories of musical instruments. GEWA is separated into the following divisions: GEWA Keys, GEWA Strings, GEWA Guitars, GEWA Winds and GEWA Drums. GEWA music is located in Adorf,

Saxony, in an area of Germany known for a long-lasting history in traditional instrument making.

Since the early 1970s, the area has also become an European cluster for micro and nano chip technology. Nowadays, GEWA music is developing the whole range of its different products in Adorf, Germany. The production facilities are located in Germany, Eastern Europe and Wuqiang, China. GEWA’s centralized European warehouse is located at the headquarters in Adorf, in the center of Europe. GEWA has subsidiaries and offices in almost every European country, as well as in the United States of America and China.

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez will be appearing at The UK Acoustic Guitar Show on April 2 & 3rd 2022 at the ACC Liverpool. Tickets on sale now at