Gordon Giltrap takes the Vintage Viator for a spin

Vintage guitar expert, Paul Brett, a very welcome addition to the Acoustic Review team with his new series on antique instruments, doesn’t just play guitars and collect them – he designs them too. Working with the team at Vintage guitars, Paul’s deep understanding of what made antique guitars special has enabled him to take the key elements and reproduce them in modern guitars that can then be produced in quantities sufficient to make them affordable.

A case in point is the Vintage Paul Brett Viator travel guitar, demonstrated in our video by Gordon Giltrap, one of the world’s leading acoustic guitar players. Gordon didn’t just film a demonstration, he actually uses a Viator on the road. Acoustic Review asked him what attracted him to what is, after all, a very reasonably priced instrument.

‘Probably from the word go I took to the Viator like the proverbial duck. I have always loved instruments that can be pitched higher to create a lovely bell like sound, and the Viator does that in spades full.

‘It features heavily on my new album The Last Of England on the concerto-like piece ‘The Anna Fantasia’ and its photograph appears in the album booklet.

‘On stage I use it on at least FOUR of my compositions. Need I say more? I cant praise it high enough. It is truly a serious instrument and a credit to its creator the great Paul Brett.

Thanks Paul’

Info: https://www.jhs.co.uk/products/guitars-folk-instruments/acoustic-guitars/vintage/paul-brett-series
Info: http://www.giltrap.co.uk/