Godin Guitars Launches Nylon Series

Godin Guitars is proud to announce the launch of the Godin Nylon Series as a tribute to the long-standing heritage and quality of the La Patrie brand of nylon-stringed classical guitars. Rooted in beautiful classical simplicity and tradition, the timeless La Patrie pedigree is now rebranded under the Godin moniker to compliment the already successful line-up of Godin Acoustic steel-string guitars.

The Godin Nylon Series carries on that tradition and quality through unique design and build features, such as high-grade and lightweight tonewoods, select pressure tested solid tops, great feeling mahogany necks, a slight fretboard radius for incredible playing comfort, and top-quality optional electronics for great live performance.

The new Godin nylon-string line offers unique models with various body types and sizes for all levels of players; ranging from the entry-level Etude or Motif, the midrange Concert and Concert CW, to the prestigious Collection or Presentation, all the way to the pro-level Arena models.

Godin Nylon guitars continue to be made with pride and dedicated craftsmanship in the same factory and town as its aptly named predecessor: La Patrie, Québec.


GODIN Etude/QIT*, GODIN Etude Left/QIT*, GODIN Motif/QIT*, GODIN Concert/QIT*, GODIN Concert CW QIT, GODIN Concert Left/QIT*, GODIN Presentation/QIT*, GODIN Collection/QIT*, GODIN Arena CW QIT,GODIN Arena Mahogany CW QIT, GODIN Arena Flame Maple CW Dual Source EQ, and GODIN Arena Pro CW Bourbon Burst Dual Source EQ.

*Models listed also available with QIT electronics*

New Official webpage: https://godinguitars.com/product-category/acoustics/nylon