Furch Blue and Yellow models with Bevel Duo ergonomic feature

Furch Guitars (Furch), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium-quality acoustic guitars, is expanding its best-selling Blue and Yellow Series with new Deluxe models showcasing the popular Bevel Duo ergonomic feature made possible with 3D printing. This technology, combined with all Furch’s other key innovations to date, makes these one of the most advanced acoustic instruments on the market.

The sharp edges of acoustic guitars can significantly reduce the player’s comfort, especially during longer sessions. With this in mind, last year Furch came up with a solution in the form of the Bevel Duo ergonomic feature consisting of a front forearm and a rear rib bevels, which helps to eliminate discomfort. However, due to the complexity of its manufacture, this feature has been limited to selected models from the highest series Red and Rainbow.

Petr Furch with Furch Yellow Deluxe Gc-SR

“The creation of a bevel is one of the most complex pieces of craftsmanship performed in the production of acoustic guitars. Especially when we talk about its decorative part. It is first necessary to cut out the selected wood and work it to the desired shape using thermal plasticization (i.e., soaking in hot water and subsequently placing it in a heated mold). The piece is then sanded by hand and glued to the supporting structure. Everything has to be done with the utmost precision so that the bevel fits precisely into the space between the soundboard and sides,” states Petr Furch, CEO of Furch Guitars.

The great interest in the Bevel Duo gradually led the company to look for new innovative ways to add this feature to its more affordable models and thus offer its benefits to a wider range of players. In the end, 3D printing turned out to be the ideal solution.

“We chose 3D printing mainly because of its accuracy and flexibility. Using a special high-resolution 3D printer, we are able to apply individually cured layers of UV-activated liquid in the desired shape with an accuracy of up to 15 thousandths of a millimeter. If necessary, the selected shape can be easily adapted by reprogramming, and it will be easier to use it for other body shapes in the future. 3D printing thus represents a significant advantage over conventional molds, which need to be completely remade,” says Petr Furch.

Truly advanced guitars

In addition to the Bevel Duo, the new models are complemented by key innovative manufacturing processes and technologies that enable Furch to achieve significantly better acoustic performance for its guitars. Among the most important are, for example, a highly resonant UV finish or the unique process of individual voicing of the soundboard. Another important innovation is the CNR System neck design solution, which provides highly precise, long-lasting accuracy in playing setting. The combination of individual innovations with modern 3D printing then makes the Blue and Yellow Deluxe instruments one of the most technologically advanced guitars on the market, whether in terms of sound, ergonomics or quality of workmanship.

Yellow Deluxe

The first new models to sport the Bevel Duo element are the Yellow Deluxe models. These instruments are available with a Sitka spruce or Western red cedar soundboard, whose balanced sound Furch achieves using the already mentioned unique voicing process. The back plate and sides are from Indian rosewood. Both boards are coated with a full-pore high-gloss UV finish, which not only protects them, but also increases the resonance of the instrument. The stylish appearance of the Yellow Deluxe guitars is underlined by several details from abalone and white mother-of-pearl, led by exclusive linear position markers located on the side of the fingerboard. The instrument also comes equipped with a highly durable Hiscox case.


Blue Deluxe

Blue Deluxe guitars are made in a combination of Sitka spruce and black walnut or Western red cedar and African mahogany. The natural acoustic properties of these woods are enhanced by the special soundboard voicing process together with an open-pore finish. The natural beauty of the instruments is completed by elegant dark details.

All new Blue Deluxe and Yellow Deluxe models are available in the Grand Auditorium body shape with cutaway. Those interested can buy them now at all authorized Furch dealers.

About Furch Guitars

Founded in 1981, Furch Guitars (Furch) has worked its way up to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of all-solid-wood acoustic guitars and acoustic bass guitars. The company’s production complex and head office are located in Velke Nemcice near Brno, Czech Republic. Furch instruments combine the company’s extensive know-how in building handmade guitars with state-of-the-art technologies, production processes, and proprietary innovations. Thanks to that, the company is able to bring to the market premium-quality musical instruments with outstanding acoustic properties and excellent design parameters. Covered by a three-year warranty, Furch guitars are sold in 32 countries on five continents. Furch employs over 60 luthiers and craftsmen and makes more than 8,000 instruments annually. Furch guitars are the preferred choice of such artists as Al di Meola, Suzanne Vega, Per Gessle, Glen Hansard, and Calum Graham. For additional information, visit www.furchguitars.com.