ACS Launch New Range Of In-Ear Monitors

ACS Custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) have continued to evoke a positive response in the music industry worldwide. ACS engage directly with the pro-audio sector to constantly evolve their IEM specification to improve the emotion of the listening experience. This for thousands of musicians in various performance environments across the globe.

Although vented IEMs have been made that improve the occlusion effect (hearing your voice booming in your head) and decrease the feeling of being isolated from your performance environment, this has usually been at the compromise of maintaining high-fidelity sound quality and good bass frequency response….until now!

From the 2nd of December 2019, ACS have launched an all-new range of passive ambient IEMs. Combining a high-fidelity listening experience, soft silicone comfort and awareness of your immediate surroundings – the new ACS Ambient Series© are the only precision tuned vented IEM on the market that features a dedicated patented ambient filter.

ACS Ambient Series offer the specification many musicians have been dreaming of for years:

  • Reduction of the occlusion effect you get with a custom fit IEM.
  • The ability to hear your environment around you whether on stage, in the studio or even on the street.
  • Stay in communication with your fellow musicians and hear off-mic cues on stage.
  • Not feel isolated or removed from your performance environment.
  • Ear canal ventilation for reducing fatigue and providing greater comfort for longer.
  • Above all – a vented IEM that maintains 100% of the high-fidelity sound quality and low frequency response.

Combined with state-of-the-art Knowles© balanced armature speakers, patent-pending Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology and their own proprietary crossovers ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended. This together with pro-audio reliability, performance and a wider soundstage for your Monitor Mix. With highly trained and skilled technicians utilising the latest CAD design and 3D technology, ACS has again become the leader and benchmark in innovation for custom made IEMs.